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I'm sorry that this message was delayed for this wiki, my mistake!

This is a very difficult post to write. As you may know, I have been a big fan of Uncyclopedia and its sister projects for a long time. I used to be very active on the English version, to the point of being made an admin. I have written three featured articles and created four featured images. It's a place I’ve loved to spend time.

Unfortunately times have moved on, and there are aspects of the wikis that have become increasingly a problem over the years. We've always given you a lot of leeway, despite many pages being outside our Terms of Use. And it's not just random bad images and articles, but some of the genuine content that should be on this wiki, but not on Fandom. We’ve ignored these things for years, but we need to really improve the acceptability of content on the site. So we are looking again at the content, and have decided that it’s not the sort of thing that we want to host anymore.

Examples include [if you have examples, please add them. Or just miss this paragraph out]

Trying to clean up this wiki would be impossible, and would involve deleting valid (but problem) articles. That simply isn't possible.

Of course you have options, and we want to help this change go smoothly. If there is a fork in your language, you may want to talk them about merging in. We can provide a database dump of all articles created here, or you could be more selective taking only the best new articles. Or you could go to alternative hosting there are many available. I can't recommend one, but I know that a few wikis in a similar situation have gone to Miraheze.

We can't provide a dump of the images for copyright reasons - what's likely fair use here would be violating the original copyright if provided in a data dump. But you may be able to use sometihing like https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Exporting_all_the_files_of_a_wiki to help.

Again, I'm sorry this is happening, and will help as much as possible to make this a smooth transition. -- Sannse <staff /> (help forum | blog) 23:37, февраля 26, 2019 (UTC)

We need help: we need a full database dump. and more: after what time do you evict us? --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 00:48, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)
The deadline should be around March 31st. You should discuss where to go, and the main options I can tell you are:
  1. Merging with Edward Chernenko's place - which you would not agree considering the bad relations between you two and the infamous Extension:Moderation.
  2. Miraheze - Some of the Wikia Uncycs, including the Italian, Polish, and Chinese have moved to Miraheze. I'm a volunteer there, and my first recommendation is this. We have our own Phabricator, and our tech supports are generally fast.
  3. Lyrithya's place -The same place as en.uncyclopedia.co runs. Not a bad option, but tech-supports tend to be slower than Miraheze, and the English, at least, suffers from spammers as well.
  4. Carlb's place - Though it is an available option in theory, it's the worst. Tech supports are very slow, and the Portuguese, the largest community, has complained about it for years. They also goes down quite often, and the server itself is slow.
  5. Running independently - It is possible, if you are capable of it.
--The Pioneer JP (обсуждение) 04:08, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)
Thank you for the detailed review. Yes, according to the experience of many people banned by him, Chernenko is unfit to speak, unfortunately, otherwise the question would not be acute for us. Be sure to see you the proposed options. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 04:43, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)

Королевское объявление[править]


Главное без паники! Мы навсегда покидаем Фэндом, который никогда не прислушивался к мнению нашего сообщества ни по скину, ни по доменному имени, даже когда посещаемость Абсурдопедии неуклонно снижалась с 10 тысяч человек в сутки на 2015 год до 2,5 тысяч на 2019 год на фоне роста числа креативных статей. Мы были лояльны всё это время не смотря ни на что и вопреки всему, так как идти нам было по сути некуда. Но теперь нас и вовсе немотивированно (не указав ни на одну статью, нарушающую Соглашение) и категорически попросили собирать вещи и идти на все четыре стороны. И не нас одних, но всё большое семейство Анциклопедий. SEO им судья. Я не техник, однако у нас имеется собственный запасной домен (доступ к которому будет не у 1 человека на случай форс-мажора), может быть также коллективно удастся наладить всё остальное по хостингу, серверу и т.д. в чём я лично не разбираюсь. А может быть переедем на предложенные выше ресурсы. Серьёзной катастрофы поэтому не случится. Надеюсь лишь, что правление Фэндома хотя бы напоследок проявит к нам таки заслуженное уважение, ибо мы вменяемые человеки с какого конца не загляни, и, как и обещало, передаст дамп всех данных, а может даже поможет скачать базу картинок и создаст редирект пока новый сайт не проиндексируют поисковики. Наши друзья на Посмотрельнике, Викиреальности и Циклопедии также перенастроят после переезда свои ссылки. Long Life Freedom! --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 04:34, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)

Regarding the Fandom's kicking of Uncyclopedias[править]

Sorry to post this in English... I need to post to all reachable Uncycs and I'm too busy to translate the same messages one by one.

However, that's not the point. The point is that two of the supporters of Uncyclopedias, Miraheze and Uncyclopedia.co (by Lyrithya), have agreed to help all the Uncycs and to reorganize them all, including those hosted by Carlb (which have also suffered from poor technical supports for years), and have created a forum on UnMeta regarding it. The available options and the basic principles regarding this reorganization plan are shown there in detail, and you can seek for the solution based on the provided information.

After a conclusion is drawn, please post your decision to the forum above so that we can deal with issues including interwiki prefixes.

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to join our newly created UnMeta Discord if you need our help.--The Pioneer JP (обсуждение) 11:12, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)

Thanks. I submitted a request to create a wiki on Miraheze and with the screwing of our domain. DNS servers changed to:
  • ns1.miraheze.org
  • ns2.miraheze.org

I am under the nickname 'Тэйтанка', since the 'Tэйтанка-птекила' has already been booked by someone (not by me). In Discord Тэйтанка-птекила am I. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 13:47, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)

Also: I forgot the password from my UnMeta account, but for some reason my IP blocks and the password recovery letter does not come. Therefore, I am writing here. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 13:51, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)
OK, I'll check it out. Thanks for your info.--The Pioneer JP (обсуждение) 14:53, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)
Absurdopedia on Miraheze created. Will you help us transfer the base of articles and pictures there? Sorry for the request, for us it is Terra Incognita. Dump is here (the second link is the full version with a history of edits). If you can't see it, I can send it in any convenient way (its size is 1.7 megabytes). --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 15:36, февраля 27, 2019 (UTC)
It may be best to open a support ticket on Miraheze's phabricator, give them the links to the XML and images which have been dumped and let them handle the rest? carlb (обсуждение) 03:40, марта 3, 2019 (UTC)
We gave them a dump and all the images. And the dump has been crashing for two days already (we thought it was fast). And there are no deleted articles in the dump, the pages of the participants, if I understood correctly, are not there either. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 16:25, марта 3, 2019 (UTC)
The question on the UnMeta-forum was more about inter-project links and union. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 16:39, марта 3, 2019 (UTC)


If the ru: and su: prefixes are in use, you'd likely have to use something else like rue: (which is Rusyn language / Русинский язык) or create a new prefix with $wgExtraLanguageNames (which is a server configuration file change, so best avoided). Even on a fast server, the dump import is slow; if I were to import en.uncyclopedia (six million revisions) to my server (newly upgraded to WD Blue 1TB SSD RAID1, which are quick as they're solid state) at one day to import 400,000 revisions it will take more than two weeks to import the whole wiki. It would take at least one day and one night to import a wiki your size (328,314 edits) - and, if it stops with errors, it takes longer. And then there are the images to import... carlb (обсуждение) 18:21, марта 7, 2019 (UTC)

In the Russian section of the Internet, the joke about the Olbanian language (with the letter “o”) as the “network Russian language” was once quite popular (and even now it is often found). This is understandable web humor for the Russian-speaking audience. So we could be the “Olbanian” (Олбанский) section (interwiki — "olb"). As for the dump, since March 2 it practically stands still, so that we are all a bit disappointed, and maybe even go to our own server. We'll see. In any case, we remain part of the Uncy community. --Icniuhtli, Тэйтанка-птекила 09:16, марта 8, 2019 (UTC)